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What Are the Styles of Halloween Costumes?

One of the prevailing holidays in the USA is Halloween. Halloween was originally known as Samhain, which believed in two worlds of life and dead. The border of these worlds was thin. It means you can make contact with the ghost and the sprits of your loved ones. Well isn’t it kind of scary to hear? Yes but the Halloween party is lot of fun. You get to dress up in your favorite fantasy character. It is the best time for the kids to collect money. They dress up in a scary looking costume and come knocking your door for treat and if you don’t give treat they will trick you.

What does one do on Halloween night? Well you can dress up and attend a party thrown by your friends or you can also arrange a party. The Halloween party consists of ghosts and spirit stories, games, Halloween music and dancing and of the food. You can dim the lights of the room and scare your friends by telling scary stories. You can even call the spirit with the spirit board. Or if you aren’t in the mood of partying then you can hire the ghost movie and watch with your friend or your partner.

Both the adults and children love to celebrate this festival. The main reason for the children to love this festival is they like to dress up in their favorite character. Another reason is they get treat of candies and money from their neighborhood. Now you can dress up in many types of attire like princess attire or super hero attire or classic look attire. The adult Halloween costumes you can find on stores and online are sexy costumes, pirate Halloween costumes, princess costumes and many others. Many women like to wear adult sexy costumes for looking sexy and also for seducing their husband. These adult costumes are very easily to make or can be brought from the stores in lesser value.

You can dress up your child in princess style such as Alice in wonderland attire or in Cinderella attire. There are lots of varieties to choose from such as harry potter attire, hulk attire, superman attire, Spiderman attire, pirates of the Caribbean attire and many other fantasy character attires. You can even make your own outfit for the party. This can save your money and if you don’t have time you either rent the costume or buy online or the store.

Just by finding or making the perfect dress doesn’t complete your out fit. You can complete your out fit by wearing a mask or wigs or hats according to the dress. For example if you have decided to become a Cinderella then you can wear an eye mask and transparent shoes which will really look cool and make you look even more prettier. Now you can also dress up your pets on Halloween night. They can be dressed in superman and Spiderman costumes. Oh they would look so cute with these costumes.

4 Great Fancy Dress Costume Party Ideas

Ok, so you have decided that your next party will by fancy dress. Costumes will be required, and everyone has to dress up.

But what on earth are you going to choose as a theme? Most people fall into two categories at this point, those who have too many ideas, and those who have none!

So here are a few great ideas and suggested costume ideas to match, to narrow your choices. And don’t worry, there are plenty of online adult costume shops that stock these sorts of items.

Angels and Demons
This is idea is one of my favourites, as it gives people two ‘sides’ to choose from. Those that want to be Angels can buy Adult Fairy Costumes, Angel costumes or something similar.

Wands would be good, large costume wings will stand out, and a little (or large!) halo to wear on top of your head will just cap off the Angel fancy dress outfit.

Demons can be just about anything with horns and a tail! You can quite readily find great Demon costumes in bright red colours, or maybe bend the definition a bit and go for a Gothic costume, Vampire or something similar.

The Retro Party
Get down and boogie!

Retro fancy dress parties really open the door to lots of great costumes. You can go for the disco cowboy look, girls can dress up in ‘go go girl’ costumes (complete with knee high boots!), or you can go for the John Travolta look, with tight pants, tight shirt with lots of chest hair.

Or, just to be a little different, how about a roller girl costume? Turn up on skates to really get people’s attention!

The other great option is a Hippy Costume. Peace man! grab some big gold chains, a short tight skirt, some platforms, and boogie with the best of them as a 60′s Hippy.

A ‘P’ Party
Got you thinking now haven’t I? A ‘P’ fancy dress party is for any costume that starts with the letter ‘P’.

‘P’ is a great choice because there are lots of costumes that begin with ‘P’, such as Pirate costumes, Princess costumes, pimp, porn star(!) and more.

This idea gives people a good number of choices, and you will surely find a wide range of costumes at a party like this, some will be very creative!

Movie Themes
There are heaps of great movie themes that you can choose for a fancy dress party. Harry Potter, Star Wars and other great movies can give you lots of ideas. Either tell people to come as any movie character, or be more specific.

Often younger kids in the same age group will all like the same show or movie, so Dora or Diego might be good ideas for costumes, or Harry Potter costumes (always popular).

I hope these ideas give you a good place to start as you look for great ideas for your next fancy dress party.

Top Five Plus Size Pirate Costume Choices – Have a High Seas Adventure This Halloween

Pirates, wenches, the high seas, salty air and secret Caribbean beaches…All of these images conjure up the high adventure possible for you this Halloween in your pirate costume. Here are the top five plus size pirate costume selections for adults.

Sultry Swashbuckler Adult Costume

This sexy pirate wench will be both feared and noticed. This swashbuckling outfit features a layered off the shoulder peasant top dress. The dress cuts up on one side, showing a fair amount of leg. No pirate worth his salt will be able to resist you. Accessorize with pirates hat and boots.

Rogue Pirate Adult Costume

Be a fearsome outlaw pirate in this realistic costume for men. It comes with a white shirt and brown vest, and brown and tan pants. Also included are a burgundy bandana and waist sash, black belt and boot tops. An excellent value that will bring out the pirate in you.

Vixen Pirate Wench Adult

For a romantic and sexy Halloween, this costume comes in a hot red color that will make heads turn. It includes a red peasant top and short skirt that flares out. Accessorize with pirate hat, hosiery and boots. For a memorable Halloween, this outfit is a real winner.

Captain Swashbuckler Plus Adult Costume

Women can captain a ship just as well as men can. Wear this fetching outfit and make anyone who disagrees walk the plank. This swashbuckler costume comes with a very sexy dark velvet coat-dress with an ivory Victorian style mini-gown. The coat is embellished with long lace sleeves. Who ever wears this striking outfit proclaims herself to be a woman to be reckoned with.

Cutthroat Pirate Adult Costume

Wear this costume and have people shivering in their boots. You’ll look fearsome and merciless. This outfit will grab the attention of everyone in the room. It features a head tie, black and white shirt and vest, wrist cuffs, a belt and boot covers. Add a sword and eye patch and you’ll be a pirate people tread carefully around.